Denise Richards Brags About Husband’s Junk Size To Friends; Husband Loses It

By admin / May 16, 2019 / 0 Comments

Denise Richards is so happy with her husband’s penis size that she couldn’t hold in what has been keeping her happy between the sheets. During an episode of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills- Richards proudly bragged about her husband having a big penis as she explained it as an addition to what she likes about him to Lisa Vanderpump and Kylie Rinna.

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Sports Illustrated Featuring A Hotter, Older Tyra Banks

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The younger Tyra Banks and the older Tyra Banks brings a clear level of hotness. 45 years old Banks, above right on the latest Sports Illustrated cover is a more healthier looking, and a more desirable Banks. Never thought one could look hotter as they are older, but Banks is proving this. Banks is 45 […]

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Halle Berry Bra Less Instagram Photo Driving Us Crazy

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52 years old Halle Berry’s bra-less Instagram photo is being called the late night snack by some of her famous counter-parts. Halle Berry has been creating the steam in the pants of men for years, and it looks like she still got the magic at 52 years old. Many wonder how Halle can look the […]

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Jennifer Lopez Is 50 Years Old And Still Got The Moves: Does Your Mother Look This Good? And Can She Move?

By admin / March 9, 2019 / 0 Comments

Jennifer Lopez sporting her Gucci glasses in her swim suit is still the dreams of many young men out here, despite the fact that she can be the mother to them all and has kids. JLo is 49 years old rounding 50 years old now, but she moves like a 25-30 plus year old woman. Unfortunately, JLo has a man that be former MLB player Alex Rodriguez.

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Halle Berry Displays Her Back Tattoo With Hotness

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If you thought Halle Berry lost her sexiness, think again. The Oscar winning actress is making it known that she can still get you all fired up, and ready to go. Who does like a half naked woman over the hot stove.

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Kenya Moore’s Body Leaving Us Almost Speechless

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Just before Kenya Moore’s body hot 48 years old body almost left me speechless…I got punch down my thoughts before the oxygen escape its vital area to keep me conscious. Yes, that is a a 48 years old woman you are looking at above.

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