Wendy Williams Reveals In Interview With Andy Cohen That She Knew Husband’s Double Life Before Pictures Circulated

By admin / August 12, 2019 / 0 Comments

When the blogs circulated news of Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter allegedly running around on her with another woman- Wendy was quick to say then that their marriage was good. As the blogs reported the news of her Hunter reportedly cheating on Wendy with a woman years younger than her- Wendy tried to discredit the […]

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Nicole Murphy Labelled As Having Messing With People’s Husband

By admin / July 27, 2019 / 0 Comments

51 years old Nicole Murphy(above left) may have the support of her crush(above right), Shannon Sharpe, but that maybe small potatoes with the heat she is receiving. Nicole is a liar, a home-wrecker and appears to love her some married men if you ask LisaRaye McCoy and former rapper Da Brat. Nicole has been under […]

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Nicole Murphy Now Apologizing For “Friendly Kiss” On Her Married Friend’s Lips But Why If They Are Truly Friends?

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It hasn’t even been a week and 51 years old Nicole Murphy(above left) is apologizing for what she called was just a friendly kiss on the lips to her friend, Antoine Fuqua(above right). Fuqua who is a married man quickly had the spotlight shining on his personal life with many questioning his loyalty to his […]

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Nicole Murphy Receives Heat For Smooching With A Married Man

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Eddie Murphy’s former wife, 53 years old Nicole Murphy was snapped connecting lip-to-lip with married movie director Antoine Fuqua. The internet went crazy questioning what is really going on with Nicole and a married Antoine. Nicole’s vacation in Italy has been overshadowed after she planted her lips on Antoine by the pool, but Nicole is […]

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La La Anthony Looking At Her Options Amid Carmelo Boat Bae Yacht Photos

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La La Anthony MAY have come to her senses. I never understand this thing about taking a break in a relationship, and living apart. If you want to take a break from me, then I am not the one for you then. Two people that love each other don’t need to take a break in […]

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La La Anthony Gives Fashion Week As Excuse Carmelo Anthony Did Not Celebrate Her Birthday With

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Carmelo and La La Anthony have been married for 15 years, but just as many years of their marriage has been riddled with cheating allegations. Rumors swirled that the married couple took a break in their relationship some years ago after Carmelo allegedly cheated on La La. And it reportedly gets worse, the talk is […]

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