President Donald Trump Told To Stay Away From Rihanna After Liking A Tweet In Reference To Her

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President Donald Trump must be one of the most disliked presidents in history. Something as simple as liking a tweet regarding pop singer and businesswoman Rihanna has one of her fans telling trump to stay away from her. In a recent interview, Rihanna spoke on managing work along with having a balance of her personal […]

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“Don’t Think Every Culture Is Equal,” U.S. Politician Steve King

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United States Congressional Representative Steve King is receiving backlash after he made comments further distancing Americans, and creating more tension within the country. The country has been on a tense path since Donald Trump took office as the 45th president.Trump has been far from the uniting president. Insulting those who don’t agree with him, and […]

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Alabama Passes Muslim Like Law Making Abortion ILLegal

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The state of Alabama in America has passed a law that says women cannot have an abortion, and women and many men are pissed at the abortion law being passed. The law has been kicked into action after the governor, Kay Ivey of Alabama signed off on it. Outrage has come in from many politicians and celebrities with the most notable being Alyssa Milano who shouted the sex strike.

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President Donald Trump Selects Tiger Woods For Presidential Medal Of Freedom

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Yes, this happened. Tiger Woods was selected for The Presidential Medal Of Freedom by his business partner buddy, President Donald Trump. The Presidential Medal Of Freedom is the highest honor that is given to a civilian. Individuals selected for the Presidential Medal of Freedom is done so because of their contribution to the national security interest. Significant public or private accomplishments also places an individual to the highest honor of the nation by POTUS. The Presidential Medal Of Freedom is typically given to courageous individuals who has impacted the lives of others.

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Jussie Smollett Is A Loser And A Third Rate Actor Says President Donald Trump

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Donald Trump called Jussie Smollett a loser as he does to many people he dislikes, but this one may stick to Americans as true. Chicago police filed charges against Smollett for filing false police reports stating that he was attacked by white men in mask.

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Burundi School Girls Get Arrested And Then Expelled For Drawing On President’s Face

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Burundi and America are night and day, the country is showing this by action. Three school girls were jailed, and then expelled for drawing on a picture of their president along with making him look like a female. The girls who are all said to be minors were charged for insulting the head of state. […]

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