This Maybe The Day: Raptors Win NBA Championship For First Time In Franchise History

By admin / June 10, 2019 / 0 Comments

Raptors winning first NBA championship may just be the headline tonight. Today may just be the day that the Toronto Raptors win their first NBA championship. The chances cannot be any nicer than it’s for the Raptors. Not only are the chances sweet for the Raptors to win their first NBA championship tonight…they have the […]

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Did Toronto Police Arrest Toronto Raptors Fan On Vulgar Comments Made On Stephen Curry’s Wife Because Of Her Fame ?

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Toronto police arrested a Toronto Raptors’ fan for vulgar comments he made regarding NBA player Stephen Curry’s wife. As bad as the comments that were made by this Raptors’ fan on Curry’s wife, there was no physical attack. So, why the arrest of a person shouting vulgarities towards another person? Well, according to Toronto police, […]

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Toronto Raptors Set Record For Most Expensive NBA Finals Ticket

By admin / May 31, 2019 / 0 Comments

The Toronto Raptors are making history in many ways this season. They have their best winning record in franchise history. They made it to the NBA Finals for the first time. They won their first NBA Finals game in their first match-up against the Golden State Warriors. Now, it’s reported that the Toronto Raptors have […]

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Says HE Spoke To Drake About His Sidelines Behavior

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The NBA Spoke to Drake, but the head boss, Commissioner Adam Silver spoke to Drake directly as well about about his hyped sidelines antics for his Raptors. The antics include a playful massage of the Raptors coach, and Silver wants it stopped. So, tonight you might see a different Drake on the sidelines at the […]

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In Case You Missed Toronto Raptors Fans Celebrating In The Streets Of Toronto

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When the Toronto Raptors eliminated the Milwaukee Bucks placing them in a historic moment seeing them heading to the NBA Finals- the city of Toronto went crazy. The arena erupted, and the streets were packed with people way into the a.m screaming and shouting in glory of the Raptors win over the Bucks. What will happen to the city of Toronto we wonder should the Raptors win the NBA title against the Golden State Warriors. The battle against the Warriors is nothing like the Bucks.

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Lebron James Reportedly Asking Kawhi Leonard To Follow Him In L.A.

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Lebron James is reportedly trying to recruit pending free agent Kawhi Leonard to go to Los Angeles to help him secure his legacy. They say Lebron is a star player, a legend of the game and a winner-so why does he always have to seek the help of a another all-star player to help him win championships. Why can Lebron not do the work with what he has-the role players on his team. The above standard players on his team.

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