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Anthony Hopkins Jumps On Tik Tok Doing Drake’s Toosie Slide And It Was Not Bad

By Tealisted / May 10, 2020 / 0 Comments

Who knew Anthony Hopkins was even on social media. The 82 years old legendary actor jumped on Tik Tok suprisingly to do that Toosie Slide. Yes, he did it. This is not joke, and Hopkins was serious about getting into it. And, we must say that he was not bad at all. The actor’s action […]

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Teens Prank Subway Passengers On Coronavirus Hoax

By Tealisted / February 12, 2020 / 0 Comments

Two idiots thought it was funny to play a prank with the Coronavirus on commuters riding the New York subway system. Dressed like health officials do when they are safe-guarding themselves from viruses- the teenagers pretended to spill fluid contracted with the Coronavirus. The teens enjoyed themselves as they watched passengers scream in fear. David […]

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The Broom Challenge That Displays How Far Our Civilization Has Come

By Tealisted / February 11, 2020 / 0 Comments

Great, another stupid social media challenge making waves. If you are bored in your day, then find a broom and make it stand on its own and act a fool when it does. Whenever I see these social media challenges- I often wonder how advanced civilizations would view us as so primitive. Listen to DJ […]

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Our Most Liked Super Bowl 2020 Commercial

By Tealisted / February 3, 2020 / 0 Comments

If you watched the 2020 Super Bowl yesterday then would have seen some unique, cool commercials that had you sealed to your seat. We captured some of the most interested commercials to air during yesterday’s Super Bowl, check them out below. Oh, yes that is Youtube star iiSuperwomanii of Toronto above. She has really made […]

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Man Tries Abducting Woman Taking A Nap On New York Train

By Tealisted / January 5, 2020 / 0 Comments

We have heard of people pick-pocketing people on the subway, kidnapping children, but trying to kidnap an adult woman off her seat on the train as she napped is a new one. From New York Post: Bronx resident Sonny Alloway, 48, was charged with unlawful imprisonment for allegedly grabbing the woman and carrying her off […]

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McDonalds Las Vegas Fight Breaks Out After Customer Attacks Employee

By Tealisted / November 5, 2019 / 0 Comments

This McDonalds Las Vegas fight might just go down as one of the most craziest fights of the year at a Las Vegas McDonalds’ location. Back in July, a customer, Sabrinah Fontelar(24 years old, on the right below) stepped out of line when she began throwing food at McDonalds’ employee, Erika Chavolla(24 years old). Reportedly, […]

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