Steve Harvey And Family Get Emotional Over Visit To Slave Trade Post Of Black People

Recalling the days of slavery endured by black people is no easy step to take. The lashing of people black. The killing of black people by their white masters or non white masters to being traded off like cattle are just some of the ruthless acts executed onto black people by people. Steve Harvey burst out from his bubble of richness and fantasy with his family on Friday to visit Elmina Castle on the Cape Coast. A remembered trading place for black people.

A brutal, heartless, ignorant operation of a slave trade post engaged by the Portuguese in the 1400s. Steve was educated on the conditions many Africans lived in at the trading post, which involved many being placed in areas with little light to crowding conditions. The former daytime talk-show host witness saw the chains used on black people like they were caged animals along with weapons used to beat slaves. Here we have the tortured past endured by black people. But, today we still have the ignorance from many black people onto each other where they devalue their own color.

Instead of seeing themselves for who they are, black…you have more specifically and mostly Africans calling themselves white or brown when it’s clear they are black. Yes, there are different shades of black; light skin, brown skin, and a darker skin tone…but it doesn’t erase the fact of the core. They are all black people. Your shade of blackness doesn’t erase the fact that you are black. If you are still ignorant to this reality- then just look on your identification where it says your color.

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