Usher Gets New Head Tattoo Making US Wonder Why


What is Usher doing to himself? The new head tattoo he recently got is something a punk rocker would do. I don’t like the tattoo. Especially where it is positioned and the new hairstyle of the once highly rated rnb singer. Since Michael Jackson’s death Usher has intimated the late King Of Pop on a major level, and seems to want to be considered as the next king. But, Usher’s latest tattoo is far from the roots of Michael Jackson.

Sometimes when one engage in drastic changes to their body when they are going through an emotional break-down in their life. An emotional break-down can result from a private sexual health being revealed to the world or a relationship break up. Usher has been accused by a woman in giving her herpes. Usher financially settled with the woman with reports of millions being paid to her. As this information settles to the surface to many of his fans- only time will tell how much of Usher’s fan base will remain as his career evolves. Lets not forget as well Usher’s split from his wife of two years, Grace Miguel.

The tattoo looks hideous. We wonder if Usher was bored and had nothing better to do. How much work will have to go into hiding that tattoo as he does different movie roles. Thoughts. Do you like Usher’s new tattoo or does look hideous? Punch in your comments below. Right now we can see fans of Usher saying…we want some damn good quality music, not garbage like when you were married.