Rihanna Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Rihanna feeding her first baby

34 years old businesswoman, Rihanna gave birth to a baby boy with a head full of hair.  The first time mom named her baby boy Robin Rakim Mayers. Both Rihanna and A$AP Rocky appeared to have discussed the both of them having a stamp in the child’s name. Rihanna’s offstage name is Robyn, and Rakim Mayers is A$AP Rocky’s legal name.

Is it me or does it appear like Rihanna didn’t even give birth to no baby. Look at her! She looks fresh, and cute as if she is going to the club. Rihanna’s baby comes at a time where there are shortages of baby formula. Let’s not forget she is rich many times over, so we suspect she would have no problem locating baby formula, unlike the every day person.

Rihanna made no secrets about it that she wants more than one child. She is 34 years old, so the process may not be so easily accomplished as chances of having a bunch of babies at 34 for ladies decreases with age.

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