Black Panther Actress Slammed For Supporting Video Discouraging People Against COVID-19 Vaccine

Letita Wright

The world has gone through enough with COVID-19. Everyone want their lives back. Lives have been lost. Lives have been affected. President Trump is on its way out and a new president is on his way in. So, having all this happen and still going on…people stuck in their homes and having all the time in the world to comment on stupidity let Black Panther star Letita Wright have it. The fire lit under Wright’s butt after she supported an anti-covid-19 vaccine video on YouTube, which discourages the mass from getting the vaccinated against the virus.

It didn’t take long for Twitter user slam Wright for linking to what is being called ignorance. The video has since been taken down by YouTube, but this didn’t halt the attacks on Wright via Twitter. Some of the comments rolling in said:

Letita Wright backlash

Letita Wirght backlash

As the comments crucifying her rolled in- Wright shot out this message to save her career that is close to the cliff:

Letitia Wright anti vaccine comment

Wright realizing that Hollywood is known to cut people from ever working again over comments they made sure to apologize.  She said she never meant to make anyone angry, expressed that she was just merely saying she would like to know what is in the covid-19 vaccine. What do you think of the COVID-19 vaccine? Will you be taking it or do you think the government rushed in putting it out the the public? What do you think of Wright sharing an anti vaccine video? Irresponsible or okay ?