Faizon Love Calls Nicki Minaj A F**king Idiot For Supporting Will Smith’s Slap On Chris Rock

Faizon Love

Comedian Faizon Love thinks Nicki Minaj lacks intellect due to her ignorant comment in support of Will boxing Chris Rock. As the fall out rolled out to the world, Nicki was quick to respond in support of Will slapping Chris saying:

Nicki Minaj Will Smith Tweet


Vlad touching on Nicki’s comments(above) of support for Will assaulting Chris said this in his interview with Faizon:

Of course Nicki would say that. She sends all her guys on dummy missions. She sent Meek Mill to go beat up Quint Miller. She sent her husband to try to go confront DJ Akademiks.

Faizon interrupts Vlad in saying about Nicki:

She is a f–king idiot, so you can’t go from her.  That’s what’s going on in the hood. Motherf–ker is literally dying over p—y.

If Nicki is a f–king idiot according to Faizon for her support of violence onto a man to the glory of a woman, then we wonder where Faizon believes Tiffany Haddish is on the IQ scale. Because it was Tiffany Haddish who placed blame on Chris Rock for making what she believes was a personal G.I. Jane joke at Jada. Haddish said Chris should have known better.

The over-the-top comedian even went so far in saying that she wished she had a man like Will to defend her the way he did Jada. See a snippet of the interview below of Faizon giving his take:

Wonder what comedian is in support of Haddish now? The fact that she is in support of Will assaulting Chris could not sit well with someone as Dave Chappelle, Steve Harvey, and others.

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