Tyler Perry Says Will Smith Experienced Extreme Pain At The 2022 Oscars As Well

Tyler Perry

Movie director, Tyler Perry took the time to talk about that Will Smith slap which shock the world, and his take is sure to spin some heads. There was one victim many would agree when Will Smith walked onstage and slapped comedian Chris Rock like there was no tomorrow. All because the comedian made a joke his wife was not feeling. Perry reflecting on the slap on Chris did express that he was shock like many of us were, but sent our heads heads shaking when he said this:

But I want you to understand that something happened that was extremely painful for [Will] as well. That is no excuse. He was completely wrong for what he did. But something triggered him — that is so out of everything he is.

Perry also said this:

And I’ll tell you, when we walked over to him, he was devastated. He couldn’t believe what happened. He couldn’t believe he did it,” the filmmaker/actor recalled of Will’s demeanor. “I’m looking at this man in his eyes going, ‘What are you doing? This is your night.’ And to get all the way to this moment, winning an Oscar, that was one of the crowning moments of his career that he wanted so desperately, and to have something like that happen….

Sadly, many  will not see the night as Will Smith going down in history after a long career and winning his first Oscars. The 2022 Oscars night will be remembered as the day Will slapped Chris Rock for making what his wife deemed as a distasteful joke, and Will felt the need to honor his wife. Will is still staying on the low while his wife, Jada is out there doing her thing. If I am Jada I would be staying low with my man. But, that is another story.

I wonder if Tyler Perry is going to still keep a studio sound stage he named in honor of Will Smith after the Oscar slap on Chris Rock?

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