Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Duet Erupt Audience

Actor Bradley Cooper doing music duet with Lady Gaga

In case you missed the Bradley Cooper duet with Lady Gaga, we got it for you below. This guy, Bradley Cooper is something. The guy speaks French. He is good looking. Makes millions a year, and he appears to be genuinely a nice guy. Now, Bradley Cooper’s duet with Lady Gaga is something to get the ladies steaming. Cooper and Lady Gaga had fans screaming in shock with their duet.

A man possessing all those assets is a sure killer of the heart for many women. In case you are wondering how this odd connection of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga happened, let’s remember that these two did a movie together. A Star Is Born starred a very natural looking and unrecognizable Lady Gaga along the movie star. I didn’t see “A Star Is Born,” because quite honestly, it looks like crap.

I will watch A “Star Is Born” when it comes to the Movie Network, and I feel like there is nothing else better to watch. According to Rotten Tomatoes, A Star Is Born received good views form the audience. Still not enough to push me to go see it. Lady Gaga is just not intriguing enough for me to rush to the television screen to see her performance.

Bradley Cooper’s duet with Lady Gaga is sure to have many asking Cooper if he had every thought of a singing career. Don’t be surprise if you hear Cooper has signed to a record label. He doesn’t need to have the greatest voice. Cooper can sell music on his sex appeal alone. After all, Britney Spears does it.

Check out the trailer for A Star Is Born below:

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