How Floyd Mayweather Spends His Millions

Mayweather Money

Floyd Mayweather is living the life. The famous semi-retired boxer rakes in some serious cash every time he steps in the ring, and his latest fight with a YouTuber is no less different. He is expected to bring in upwards of $50 million dollars(talks of even $100 million) for that fight against Logan Paul. Just as he pulls in the serious dough high into the millions…Mayweather blows it on lavish purchases.

The 45 years old boxer has his own private jet- which he purchased for $60 million dollars. Then he has a host of properties ranging into the millions. Lets not forget his clothes and watches which are known to cost into the hundred of thousands to high millions. The boxer is well known to have bough a watch for $18 million. Check out How Floyd Mayweather Spend His Millions below:

Lets just hope Mayweather is as good as investing in the growing minds of black community as much as he splurges on his lifestyle. Would definitely be a shame if such a measure is not consistently considered.