Jennifer Lopez Buys Fiance Alex Rodriguez A New Car For His 44th Birthday

Alex Rodriguez bought his fiance Jennifer Lopez an expensive luxury ride for her birthday, and not it appears it’s Lopez’s turn. The life of the rich will make you sick, and it’s an inside look of why the world is so unbalanced. How many cars do you need. How many houses do you need. How many extravagant gifts do you need to hand each other.  And, how much of that could you hand down to those who really need the help. Lopez gifted Rodriguez a bright blue Ford Bronco for his 44th birthday.

Rodriguez took his wife for a spin in his new gift with the warm breeze blowing in the faces. The former MLB player and his musically talented wife cruised in his new ride to Cardi B. They captioned the moment saying:

“Top down. Sunny day. Radio on. 🎶 #summerride.

Despite him uploading the video- Rodriguez appeared awkward as Cardi’s tune, Money player as Lopez jammed to it.

Question. Is it tacky for rich people to be showing off their extravagant gifts to the world ?