Linda Hamilton Reveals Working Out For 1 Year Preparing For Terminator

If you want to be the best at something- action is what needs to be put forth for the achievement to come to life. Linda Hamilton who plays Sarah Connor in Terminator: Dark Fate reveals she worked out for one year before shooting began for the latest Terminator sequel. We remember Hamilton in how vibrant she was in director James Cameron’s first Terminator movie- and she is a memorable character from the 1984 movie.

Hamilton was 28 years old in her first Terminator movie, and now at 63 years old Hamilton would be under pressure to make us remember her. Working out for an entire year in preparation for Terminator: Dark Fate is not too crazy when you care about your craft. And, especially when she is not having sex. Hamilton revealed that it has been decades since she had sex– and she doesn’t even have interest for it.

I worked for a year to get ready for this one, Dark Fate-Judgment Day was maybe three months. But they kept postponing the filming.

Hamilton goes on saying:

“In Judgment Day, it was just the beginning of the fat-free diet,” she continues. “I ate no fat for all those months. More than a year. I would never do that again, because the brain needs fat, the body needs fat. But we didn’t know any better.”

As for her eating routine preparation for Terminator: Dark Fate, Hamilton had this to say:

“This time, I ate no carbs. See, you always have to give up something!” she says while laughing. “But, obviously, the training is different as a woman of a certain age. I could work out just like I’d had for Judgment Day and not put on the muscle because you need hormones for that, and I don’t got them!”