Michael Jordan Steps Up With $1 Million Dollars In Financial Aid For Bahamas

Michael Jordan is doing something massive we don’t here him doing often, and that is opening his pocket on a grand scale to others. Jordan is so emotionally touched by the devastation in the Bahamas from hurricane Dorian that he will provide $1 million dollars to help with the healing process.

Lives have been lost, people are without homes, and the Bahamas is in disarray. Jordan’s financial help is sure to go a long way in relieving much of the pain the people of the Bahamas are feeling from the aftermath of hurricane Dorian. Jordan said this as of the devastation in the Bahamas amid his generous donation:

I am devastated to see the destruction that Hurricane Dorian has brought to the Bahamas, where I own property and visit frequently,” MJ said.

He continues:

Jordan reportedly owns property and land in the Bahamas.