Moment Of Wow! Shaq Buys Family A Washing Machine And 70 Inch Television


It all went down in the summer, but a good deed can never be tired of hearing. Especially with all the bad happening in our world. Shaquille O’Neil in the summer while in a Best Buy store chatting it up with a couple who was there to buy a washing machine decided on the spot that he was going to foot the bill for couple. Shaq not only paid for the washing machine for the couple…he also surprised them by buying them a 70 inch television.

Shaq has always been one to pop jokes to ignite a smile on others. So, paying for items for a family or individual sure to not only make someone smile but change their life. Questioned about his big purchase for the family at Best Buy, Shaq’s responded in saying this as to why he did it:

I just want to make people happy

I don’t think there is really any celebrity I have seen to be so generous as Shaq on the spot to the everyday person. You can tell the NBA legend knows what hardship is, and how a helping hand can change one’s life for good. Big props to Shaq.

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