NFL Star Quarterback Buys Mom House On Mother’s Day

Russell Wilson's mom surprise with new home on mother's day

NFL quarterback for the Seattle Sea Hawks is the highest paid NFL player– and he is not wasting anytime in burning the money from buying stocks for his teammates to trying his mother like a queen. Russell Wilson bought his mama a house for mother’s day, and as expected she was shocked to tears.

A child buying their parent a house is a dream many have in life, and it’s a reality of awe and a changing life for the parent. The moment with Russell, and his mother Tammy Wilson was a sweet one as he said to her:

All these years you have never asked me for anything…only thing you have ever wanted is for me to love you.

Miss Wilson was ecstatic, but is this the first home Russell has bought for his mother since being in the NFL from 2012? Please don’t tell me so. How quickly Ciara’s career has changed. It’s like she is a home-wife now.