Oprah Winfrey Donates $10 million For Coronavirus Fight; Jeff Bezos Donates $100 Million

Don’t ever say Oprah is sitting on her pile of money, and not contributing to the world. The billionaire t.v. show honcho donated a whopping $10 million dollars towards the fight against the corona-virus. That is no pocket change kinda money. Unlike Pharrell Williams, Oprah put up the money instead of talking. She didn’t ask those less fortunate ad losing their jobs to donate. The big O dropped millions like a G to assist researchers in squashing the corona-virus pandemic.

Oprah’s move to drop that much dough to fight a good cause is an uncommon approach by a rich, African American. African Americans are often known to throw money on purchasing cars, homes, and jewelry, not typically as well known to uplift communities financially or to fight a cause. Oprah not typically one to announce her financial contributions online, jumped on Twitter to make this one known:

Oprah donates for coronavirus

Looks like Oprah was encouraging the stingy wealthy people of Hollywood, and around to reach in their pockets to help with this pandemic. And then there is billionaire many times over, Jeff Bezos. Worth an estimated $126 billion…

Bezos Will Be Donating $100 Million For The Fight Against Corona-virus

Bezos reportedly has targeted his section of fight against corona-virus to the hunger sector. The Amazon big shot sees hunger as a problem during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bezos made it known that he will be helping the non-profit organization, Feeding America. Bezos is focused on making sure no one goes hunger during this world-wide crisis with his $100 million dollar donation.

Getting food to those who need it is how Bezos sees it. You can be disgusted of how overwhelming rich Bezos is, but it’s his hard earned money after all. Plus, he has been dedicated to do a whole lot of good to others and the planet. Don’t break your bank to donate what you don’t have. This kind of big money donation to the cause of fighting corona-virus is for the majorly wealthy people.