Reports: Tyler Perry Spent A Staggering $16 Million On Historic Studio Opening

Just when we were silly to think to ourselves that the Tyler Perry spent at least 1 million on his Tyler Perry Studios grand opening- we are left shocked at the actual cost.

According to The Jasminebrand– Tyler Perry spent a whopping $16 million dollars on all the extravgance at the opening of his historic acres of studios opening. You hear rappers talking about making it rain- it’s safe to say that Perry did more than that.

Just when we thought the extravagant invitaitons Perry sent out to all his guest were enough- and Perry would require guess to find their own way to his event, no.

Perry went the extra mile reportedly by taking care of the cost for flights and charted private planes for his A-list guess. Ranging just from the fireworks, lighting, carpeting, stage props, and over 100 chandlers are said to have cost Perry more than $1 million dollars. They say you cannot afford it if you are asking about it. Looks like Perry more than can afford everything.