Tyler Perry Makes Grand Success In History With Massive Acre Of Studios

Remember the time Spike Lee called Tyler Perry’s movies buffoonery? Well, just when you think Perry would hold a long hatred for Spike Lee for damping his surge in the entertainment world- Perry does the unthinkable- he names a soundstage after Spike Lee. In case you have been living under a rock- Tyler Perry has made  some big, historical moves.

From The Grapevine:

On Saturday, all of Black Hollywood’s elite descended upon Atlanta to celebrate the grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios, the first ever fully black-owned film studio lot. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the studio has no proprietary partners or corporate backing. This is all Perry, baby.

Perry having his own studio lot allows him to keep more money in his pocket, and not having to convince any studio for time on their movie lot for any of his projects. The film production studio labelled Tyler Perry Studios(TPS) is located in Atlanta. Filming is not only of Perry’s projects, but as well as other projects. Black Panther and The Walking Dead have used Perry’s Studios to film their work. Perry’s studio sits on 330 acres of filmed lot. Whoopi Goldberg speaking on Perry’s historic success had this to say:
As for Spike Lee who once thought of Perry’s movies as a joke has changed his tune. Spike Lee who is a film director said he may one day work with Perry