5 Crew Members Quit Mission Impossible Gig After Tom Cruise Berates Them Like Children

Tom Cruise

Just when you thought it was going to be Tom Cruise doing some firing after an audio came out displaying the movie star verbally scolding crew members for not taking his COVID-19 rules seriously. Turns out that even in the Coronavirus pandemic where many people have lost their jobs that there are still people out there who are willing to quit a job for their self-respect.

Tom’s shockingly explosive rail into the help on the set of Mission Impossible 7 leaked to the world was enough for some crew members to pack their bags and walk off the job. Tom is not playing around with COVID-19. It all comes down to safety and jobs. The big wigs are giving Tom a go at in making a blockbuster movie in a pandemic.

So, Tom is reportedly the lead to show that a movie can be made without anyone getting the virus- and no shut-down having to happen. If Tom pulls it off then reportedly his system would be seen as the model to follow in making movies in a pandemic world. So, the pressure is clearly on Tom to perform not just acting wise- but the guy is also basically like a healthy inspector. An aggressive one at that though. Tom blew a lid after he spotted several crew members not social distancing.

He handed out warnings like a human resource manager in firing anyone who refuses to step in line of his Coronavirus rules. The first outburst of the A-list actor losing his marbles on crew members for not social distancing you would think was enough. No, Tom had another outburst against crew members. Its either Tom doesn’t watch the news or just doesn’t care what gets leaked. Some crew members are said to have already left the production of Mission Impossible 7.

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