Seth Rogen Claims Eddie Griffin Screamed Anti-Semitic

Seth Rogen Eddie Griffin

Comedian Seth Rogen surprisingly has come out disclosing a private conversation he had with comedian Eddie Griffin in which he paints Griffin as anti Semitic. Rogen in his newly released book(Yearbook) not only says that Griffin was anti sematic during an elevator bump in with the well known comedian, but that he went on a anti Semitic tirade.

If you do a quick Google search on what is anti Semitic- you will see that the definition is described as someone who displays hostility towards that race of people along with discrimination and prejudice. Bottom line, someone who is anti Semitic is someone who is racist. Now, listen to Rogen’s accusation on his elevator run-in with Griffin that brought him to the conclusion Griffin is racist towards Jewish people. Upon recognizing Seth Rogen with Jonah Hill in the elevator, according to Rogen- Griffin goes:

You Jewish motherf—ers run Hollywood.

I’ve been trying to make a movie for a while now, but no one will make it. But they made yours. And you know why?”

Rogen responded:

No, why?”

Griffin said:

“Because I’m Black, and you’re Jewish, motherf—ers.”

Rogen says he then asked Griffin:

Oh yeah, what do you mean by that?

Griffin responded in saying:

I mean, you Jewish motherf—ers run Hollywood, and you only make movies with other Jewish motherf—ers.

Hill seemingly feeling bad that Griffin’s creative ideas are never really given a chance for its fair share on the big screen said this to the comedian:

Sorry, I guess?”

Griffin responded in saying:

Don’t be sorry,” Griffin said. “Tell your Jews to let other people make some movies.

Now, call me crazy, but I cannot see any racist actions by Griffin towards Jewish people as Rogen claims. What I see is Griffin coming to a conclusion that black people have been given an unfair shake at having their creative ideas heard as fairly as someone as Rogen(who has a Jewish background). Essentially, Griffin was asking for equality for black people. Is it now being said that anyone who feels to be treated unfairly and vents their frustration towards that race is seen as racist. This is ignorance.

Griffin never said anything ranging from non-support of interracial dating to placing his race superior to them. None of that was said. Griffin spoke to Rogen the same way he would speak to the black community about inequality. It’s shameful what Rogen is doing. Releasing the private frustration of his fellow comedian venting his anger of being stonewalled by Hollywood in refusing giving a chance for his creative ideas to come to fruition.

As a comedian himself- Rogen should know what it feels like to not have your creative thoughts heard, and look to help Griffin in getting his creative ideas on the big screen. Instead he shares a private moment with the comedian to the world as if Griffin threatened his life based on his race. A guy as Rogen moving like that leaves us to wonder. How many of his friends having private conversations are truly safe. It is only a matter of time before he reveals his private conversation with them to the world.

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