Tom Cruise Goes Mad On Crew Members Breaking 6 Feet Covid-19 Social Distancing Rule

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise doesn’t want to contract COVID-19, and he doesn’t want the movie set shut down because of a COVID outbreak. So, rules are set in place to avoid any of these things happening. When a bunch of crew members slipped up in not taking the protocols set in place to avoid COVID-19- Cruise was blazing mad.

He scolded the crew members like as if they were children, and he was not playing. Cruise’s anger was enough to have someone twinkle in their pants just a little bit. COVID-19 has cut down the lives of 300,000 Americans- and shut down businesses. So, we can understand Cruise’s frustration and anger towards bunch of crew members stepping outside of his COVID-19 safety protocols.

Check out the audios below of Cruise railing into a some production crew members, and threatening to fire them for not taking COVID-19 seriously after he allegedly witnessed them standing 6 feet apart from each other…

We can bet those crew members are counting their steps away from each other now. Wow! its a rare moment in seeing Tom Cruise blow a lid.

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