Amber Rose Blast “Fake Friends” During Her Pregnancy

amber rose

Looks like Amber Rose forgot to take people one-one-one; the course on life which teaches that most people are in-genuine. Making friends with people are easy. Now, quality friends who are sincere and truly care about you is close to the feet of hitting the lottery. Good friends are not easy to find. Amber Rose just found this out.

During her pregnancy when she would like her girls there to mush with over things. They are not there. Amber now is realizing that there are more fake people in life than sincere folks. It’s surprising seeing that she is rich and has traveled all over the world and been in many social settings. Amber should be the sharpest in picking out fake friends.

The socialite jumped on social media to vent her disappointment in people who she thought was her friend that have disappeared during her pregnancy. Amber recognized she was being used for partying having this to say as her so called friends disappeared during a time when she needs someone. Here is what she said in disappointment:

Funny how my phone blows up when I’m having a pool parties and sh*t is lit. But, as soon as b*tch is sick and pregnant it’s crickets. No “just checking on you” text or nothing sh*t’s wild. But when I pop out this beautiful baby boy don’t try to be my friend again. Deadass. Toxic ass fake friends…byeeeeeeeee.

The everyday common person have people around them claiming to be their friends. However, these very same people disappear in the time of need. Amber is rich, and with wealth it should make her more vigilant about someones intention. She is has even more checking to do on who is really her friend. Amber is a child for ex-husband Wiz Khalifa. She is now pregnant with Edward Alexander, a music executive of Def Jam Music. She has been with rappers Kayne West, Machine Gun Kelly, and 21 Savage along with NBA Terrance Ross.