August Aslina Explains His Battle With Liver Disease


You might be shocked with this news as much as us of August Aslina having a liver disease, but the reality is- it shows us that celebrities are no different than us. They too get sick, and battle the same illness we battle. There are no divide in this one. Rnb singer August Alsina revealed that he has a liver disease where his autoimmune system is fighting against itself.

He touches on being sick all the time, but is not one to talk about his illness as he doesn’t want people to feel sorry for him. Alsina touched on the struggles of what he is going through saying one day he woke up and was unable to walk, and couldn’t feel his legs. The 26 years old rnb singer in 2014 collapsed onstage reportedly as a result of his condition.

August Alsina is yet another situation that should serve as a reminder to everyone to be happy for the simple things in life like better health. Chasing money, cars fantasy homes with greed of never being satisfied is all worthless. If you have been given a second chance with your life or have being doing stupid things to your life- you should reflect on the chance you have been given. Smarten up with that chance of opportunity.

Let’s hope he has stop consuming liquor, because that cannot help the liver at all.

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