Backlash On Bruce Willis Not Wearing A Mask Sees The Actor Releasing Statement

Bruce Willis not wearing mask

Bruce Willis apparently thought that his fame and riches would have everyone over-look him for not wearing a face mask. Well, he was grounded back down to reality from his mantle for not wearing a face mask. I don’t know why I am surprise, but I am surprise that Bruce Willis refused to wear a face mask in a Los Angeles Rite Aid.

The 65 years old actor whose age group COVID-19 is known to bulldoze more so than a younger age group pissed off customers for not wearing a face mask. Reports are that the actor even had a bandanna around his neck, but refuse to pull it up over his mouth and nose. Willis took the option of not wearing a mask, and then was asked to leave the store. Celebrities, they just always think they are above the law. Since the internet went crazy on him for thinking he is , Willis has released a statement on the incident saying this:

“It was an error in judgment. Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.”

Seems like more of an error in judgment to us. Reportedly, Willis chose to not wear a facial mask when asked to do so by a store employee. He then allegedly was asked to leave the store. If his action in not wearing a face mask was an error in judgment- then why did he not quickly correct this when asked to put on a face mask. And, someone of Willis’ stature should know that bandanas are not effective protection versus face mask.

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