Blac Chyna Admits To Having A Lot Of Work Done To Her Body

Black Chyna interview on Wendy Williams

Unlike Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna(31 years old) is not into having us believe the unbelievable that is the authentic essence of her body. Blac Chyna went on the “Wendy Williams Show” admitting to the world that she had some assistance done to her butt to make it as big as it is. Wendy was not shy in asking Blac Chyna what part of her body she had altered. Blac Chyna not one to pretend like she was born bountiful in all the right places said:

I’ve had lipo before. I’ve had my breast done four times before.

Chyna revealed that she increased her breast to be larger and larger before ultimately deciding to go smaller due to her feeling that the larger size was too much. As for her butt, many of us guessed Black Chyna’s butt was fake, but Wendy questioned her on the naturalness of her butt to which the socialite responded in saying she work done to her butt as well.

The stripper turned reality t.v. cast stated that she had lipo but after she gave birth to her daughter- she had her butt reduced because it was getting out of control. Go over to Wendy’s Show to see a cute, nervous apparently nice Black Chyna.