Bobby Shmurda Is Home In Case You Don’t Know

Bobby Smurda

Hip Hop’s Bobby Shmurda is back on the music scene after spending 7 years in prison. And, he is looking like Bobby 2.0 with some meat and muscles on him. He pled guilty to conspiracy and weapons possession. The rapper displayed his deep loyalty to his friend and fellow rapper Rowdy Rebel by taking more time in prison- so that his pal could get out at the same time as him.

Rowdy Rebel was set to serve 12 years in prison, but because of Bobby Shmurda’s actions in taking more prison time as part of a said deal with authorities- Rowdy Rebel was granted freedom sooner than later. Bobby gained famed when he released the track Hot N*gga.

The catch track was enough to gain attention to the New York rapper- but then he danced. The rapper’s dance moves also became catchy as his music- and it was over from there for Bobby. Record label offers came, club performance offers came along with an abundance of women.

Before heading off to prison, Bobby dropped a series of  unique music tracks- which displayed that he is no one hit wonder. The rapper is rumored to be a natural. Living the life he raps about. So, don’t take his size lightly. The rapper has been in the rumor mill for a long to have been a heavy-weight in the rough neighborhood of East Flatbush in Brooklyn.

Bobby pending his prison release made it known of his desires to do movies and hit the music scene hard. Born to a Jamaican father and a American mother…and having created a storm with his originality in music presentation- big things are predicted from Bobby Shurmda on the entertainment scene.