Cardi B’s White Court Outfit Cost A Whopping $15,000 Plus

cardi b white court outfit

You all better not say Cardi B is not trying her best to look good for you all, because that white outfit she wore to court on the day she rejected a plea deal cost $15,000. Yes, $15,000. Cardi is working hard in making that dough but she knows how to blow it too. The all white get-up for her court appearance rounded Cardi B’s entire look over $15,000 is like this:

Matching Trousers: $1,700

Patent leather Saint Laurent Sandals: $995

High neck dress: $1,100

Earrings $98

Gray Hermes Birkin Bag estimated at $12,000

If you were not told- you would think Cardi was going to a fashion show. But, no- Cardi was arriving to a Queens Criminal Court dressed to impress. The rapper is looking at doing a possible 10 years in prison if she is found guilty for allegedly attacking to sisters who were bartenders at a strip club. Reports are that Cardi got nasty and into a feisty mood, because she felt one of the sisters were sleeping with her man, Offset.