Cassie Is Married And Looks Very Much Pregnant

Cassie is a married woman now…the former singer got her wish double times to what she reportedly was denied of by her ex. She is married, but also pregnant as well.


In case if you know Cassie only from being Diddy’s girlfriend, and nothing else…she was once a singer, a performer. She fell from glory after she got serious with Diddy. Some say that Diddy had this control over Cassie in that he was not really supportive of her working, and that he preferred to just be her provider. There is no confirmation of this- but the rumors can be seen as believable by many.


Cassie was on-top musically, so the thought is why would she just hang up her talents on a surging career to be a stay at home girlfriend. Time will tell if she reignites her music career since being married to Alex Fine. Check out Cassie below in her previous hit song, ME & U: below:

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