Does August Alsina’s Story Of Romance With Jada Smith Have Weight Without Receipts ?

August Alsina

27 years old August Alsina began trending yesterday after he claimed to have had a romantic relationship with Jada Smith(48 years old). Yes, she can be his mommy. August displayed a state of emotional wreckage as he squealed in how much of his self and heart he gave to Jada. In the end-Jada dropped August like a bag of potatoes. The odds would have been stacked against August if there was a relationship between he and Jada as he claims. Jada is seasoned in the relationship game. She knows how to deal with powerful men, and have been around strong minded men in her life.

She has multiple children and has seen much of the world therefore enhancing her game skills to others. August would be a baby for Jada. A rookie in the game. He can literally be her son. Jada’s son, Jaden is 21 years old. August is 27 years old. We don’t know if Jada is embarrassed of her alleged romance with August. We don’t know if this is why she denied ever being in a relationship with August.

But, it doesn’t help August’s case when the woman he claims to have bed is denying it all. Also, having Jada’s husband- Will denying as well the allegations made by August hurts his case even more. Only thing for sure in the case is that this is a he said, she said and he said situation. If August cares about his credibility he needs to clean up this mess. And, the only way we see this happening is by receipts(evidence) to display what he is saying as truth. Otherwise, he will just be looked upon like a crazy stalker with a sick fantasy.

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