Fast And Furious 9 Is Coming With Some Know Additions

fast and furious 9 cast

Fast And Furious 9” is coming just when we thought all the engines have burned out for this franchise here they come again. I believe my interest for the Fast And Furious franchise decline on the sixth chapter in the franchise. How much of the same can we watch with Dom walking around with his muscles beating everyone up.

The running from cops, and the predicable dramatic getaways along with the bad team fighting the good team with ending results of the good team winning. New chapter in Fast And Furious 9 coming, but same story line. The good wins. The family comes back together, and authorities never catch Dom.

The adrenaline seekers are appear to be the ones making this franchise a hit repeatedly. The car stunts from the Fast and Furious franchise sees many fans mocking the stunts. We are expecting that with Fast And Furious 9 that the predicable will occur. What is with the squinting eyes of the cast above ? Who told them this looks sexy? Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges looks the most ridiculous with his squinting eyes.

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