Former Work Colleague Accuses Matt Lauer Of Raping Her

The heat continues to be turned up on former NBC employee of the Today Show, Matt Lauer. Lauer  who worked on the Today Show for 25 years, and earned 20 million a year was fired from his position over allegations of sexual misconduct. Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque of 20 years have since left him, and she is said to be have walked away with 20 million dollars money and assets from the marriage. Lauer is said to be fighting for forgiveness, and reportedly is wishing for his wife comes back to him.

If Roque was thinking of giving him a second chance Lauer- the door may now be totally shut. Another allegation is coming forward against Lauer. Allegedly from the same woman who reported Lauer inappropriately touched her, which resulted in his firing. Brook Nevils is saying Lauer raped her back then. Nevils, a former employee of NBC as Lauer revealed in a book to the author that Lauer raped her. From Town And Country Mag:

A new report by Variety purports to shed new light on the sexual misconduct allegations that led to Lauer’s removal from NBC’s Today show in November 2017. The information stems from a copy of a soon-to-be published book by journalist Ronan Farrow profiling his investigation into the Harvey Weinstein case, titled Catch and Kill, which was obtained by Variety. Lauer does not appear to be the primary focus of the book, but Farrow’s initial investigation into Weinstein led Lauer’s former NBC coworker Brooke Nevils to come forward with her allegations of sexual misconduct. However, the full breadth of Nevils’s allegations had never been made public, and in Farrow’s book she reportedly alleges that she was anally raped by Lauer in his hotel room while attending the Sochi Olympics in 2014 on assignment for NBC.

Lauer has denies raping Nevils, and says rather their encounter was an extramarital affair. Lauer says the act between he and Nevils was consensual. Lauer shockingly said this:

“We performed oral sex on each other, we had vaginal sex, and we had anal sex. Each act was mutual and completely consensual.”