Gayle King Calls Wendy Williams Tell All Interview Hopes Trashy For Daytime Television

Reportedly, Gayle King(right above) sees Wendy Williams’ tell all interview for daytime television as trashy, so there will be no hope in Wendy snagging a sit-down over at CBS. There is also talk that Wendy is placing some restrictions on what can be asked of her in her tell all interview. This all wouldn’t make sense if true. It would defeat the point of a sit down interview if Wendy is limiting what the interviewer can ask her.

This would be the hypocritical side to Wendy that would be displayed. She likes to talk the juice on the lives of others, but when it comes to squeezing the juice of the embarrassing, public break-down of her marriage that was long being reported by the blogs- Wendy is said to have shopped around to at least half a dozen television networks for a tell all interview for a 1 hour prime time slot.

So far there has been no serious interest in regards to negotiations taking place for Wendy to sit-down and spill the tea on her marriage break-down. Gayle King reportedly calling Wendy Williams tell all interview trashy for daytime television has not been the only buzz. Coming through the cracks are reports of networks believing that 1 hour of Wendy is too much for viewers.

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