How That “Thong Song” Came About Explained By Sisqo


The year of 2000 was the year of some memorable hit songs in music. The Thong Song was every where in the year 2000, and push beyond the year 2000. That is how popular the song was. Not only was the song a hit in its lyrics and catchy beat- one would say he was educated on the sexy underwear, which showcases the woman’s buttocks.

Many men were unaware of the thong until Sisqo belt out the beauty of the secret garment. Sales of the Thong was on the rise, and the thong thanks to Sisqo became a popular undergarment for the ladies. And, men were ever more eager to see it on the ladies.

If you never took appreciation in the making of music–this recent interview with Sisqo explaining how the making the Thong Song came about may have you feeling a deeper level of respect of music creation. The Thong Song would never have come about if it wasn’t for Sisqo’s friend who had an intimate encounter with a woman who was wearing a Thong. Sisqo speaking on how the lyrics for the Thong Song came about had this to say:

I had a date that night. We get back to the crib, so we making out…and I’m rounding second base- she decided she wants to get up and strip. Its the first time I had ever seen a thong. It was glorious. I’m like literally writing a song talking about the date that I was on.

See Sisqo below touch on the development of the Thong Song, and all those involved in the process. and lawsuits which came after the entire process.

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