Introducing Kim Kardashian’s Hysterical Cry Over Kanye West

Kim Kardashian crying

We gotta give it to Kim Kardashian. She is good, and we mean…Real good. The reality star made best of her nose-diving marriage as she visited her husband, Kanye at his Wyoming Ranch. Yes, you heard that right. Kim and Kanye are married, and have a bunch of kids they bread together, but have reportedly been living part for a year.

This talk of the couple living apart places more belief that some celebrities stay married for financial gain. They say there is great financial rewards for two famous faces to stay married rather than divorce. Whether Kim and Kanye are staying married to Kanye for financial reward despite him asking for a divorce is to be seen.

The reality star though spotted out crying a water fall as an animated Kanye was exploding supposedly towards Kim makes one wonder about Kim’s agenda as she began balling. We are just waiting for the reality show display of this moment. Because, it’s difficult to not think that Kim’s water fall would be a wasted opportunity for her reality show that would strengthen her brand. It’s really sad. Kim is a better actress than you all give her credit for.

Thoughts, do you think Kim is crying over the possibility of losing her husband or of losing money ?