Is Tom Hanks’ Son Hooked Up With Sky Of Black Ink Crew New York

Chet Hanks and Sky

The rumor circulating is that Tom Hanks’ son, Chet Hanks has been dipping in the chocolate of Black Ink’s Crew cast Sky. Chet and Sky are from different cloths of the world, so when they were spotted together more than once, and most recently in a car- It is assumed they are playing with each other. Surprise of the unexpected hook-up, people online have been wonder how Chet and Sky came about. One online participant wrote:

 “Now where they found each other at?”

Sky being the straight shooter she so often is in revealing what things are in life had this to say of what is going on between her and Tom Hanks’ son:

“I’m not so quick to put titles on things these days. He’s a friend of mine, a very new friend of mine. He’s a talented guy he comes from an epic family, of course. We’re playing together and we might…we work. I don’t necessarily want to put everything all in one basket again so me and Chet are friends and we’re hanging out and it’s fun right now.”

Have mercy on the Hanks family with Sky’s entrance.