Joe Exotic’s Enemy, Carol Baskin Takes Control Of His Old Zoo Land

Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, you should. It sure will take you for a spin. The latest saga on Joe Exotic or his former domain is a sure kick to the former controversial zoo owner. Joe hates the hell out of Carole Baskin, so much so that he tried to have her killed. Joe is now in prison facing almost eight decades for his murder for hire plot against Baskin. Joe began hating Baskin for her attempts in having him shut down.

Baskin believes Tigers should not be bread by Joe- and only to be kept in captivity. She expressed during her feud with Joe that Tigers should be released to the wild. The kicker is that Baskin is in the same line of business as Joe and that is having a zoo of her own with Tigers in her position in cages. Joe disliked Baskin for her hypocrisy, and her constant acts to derail him. It’s what led him to have her killed, and making nasty songs about her.

Baskin’s latest act may have Joe rolling out of control in his prison bed. Before Joe went to prison- there was a sign over of land to Jeff Lowe, but a judge is saying that the act was fraudulent. Baskin had won a $1 million trademark judgement against Joe, which he never paid up. And, given that his sign over of land to Jeff Lowe has been labelled fraudulent, a judge has granted Baskin ownership of the land served to her $1 million judgement against Joe.

As for Lowe- the courts has given him time to take his tigers and all other animals and property off the land in 120 days. Fair to say that Baskin has laughed her way to the bank on Joe over and over again. We would not be surprised if she is laughing at her latest win over Joe. Lowe and his fiancee had this to say amid Baskin coming to taking over their zoo land property:

Considering [Carole] spent approximately 2.5M chasing her 1M judgment, we congratulate her on her new acquisition of 16 acres in rural Oklahoma.

Let’s remember most of that money was not coming from Baskin’s pocket. Baskin’s late husband, Howard Baskin was reportedly rich many times over- so it’s fair to say the money to fight Joe was Mr Baskin’s money. Baskin has been accused of killing her husband, and feeding him to the Tigers- but no evidence of such an act has ever been found. Mr Baskin’s body has yet to be located.