Kate Beckinsale Provides Witty Response After Being Asked Why She Dates Men Old Enough To Be Her Children


46 years old Kate Beckinsale has become well known for dating young men whom as she walks down the street maybe mistaken for her child. Beckinsale divorced 47 years old film maker Len Ryan Wiseman in 2019- and has since been spotted with younger men. Pete Davidson(26 years old) was reportedly one of Beckinsale’s ex-boyfriend. It is said that Beckinsale moved onto 23 years old Goody Grace.

Becksale’s choice of younger men couldn’t escape the attention of awe, and many have questioned her age selection in men. A social media critic of Beckinsale boldly sent a message to the actress saying:

Why do you keep dating guys that could be your children?”

Beckinsale spinning some humor on a response to the question said:

Every relationship I have had has been solely to annoy you.

Question, what does it say when a woman who was married to someone her age and now divorced is dating men who she can be a mother figure to ?

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