Kylie Jenner Bashed For Copying Rihanna’s Get-Up

The water hasn’t cooled as of yet in Kim Kardashian using the name of another product as the name of her new business, and now Kylie Jenner is being slammed for biting Rihanna’s style. Kylie Jenner was bashed when she shot up an image of herself in a $695 leopard print catsuit to promote her cosmetics summer line collection.

Not too long after Kylie shot up the image of herself on the leopard get-up- the energy no woman wants after getting all done up Kylie quickly felt. The memo was sent by social media crazies that Rihanna wore the same outfit, and before Kylie. The cosmetics businesswoman was then accused of biting Rihanna’s style. Here we just a few of Twitter users giving it to Kylie:

Then another had this to say:

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