Laughter Erupts Over Stephen Curry’s Wife Not knowing How To Dance

A black person that cannot dance: It’s not something you see often, but they are out there. NBA star Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha is in that small group of black people that cannot dance. Ayesha went viral after doing an awkward, off rhythm, painful looking Milly Rock dance. Ayesha thought it would be hot to tease her husband dressing all sexy with a hot dance, but she failed badly. Ayesha became the laughing stock of the internet going viral in the process.

It looked like Ayesha was about to have a medical emergency. That’s how badly Ayesha dances. Stephen Curry was so upset at the laughter at his wife’s below par dancing skills that he resorted back to the millions he and his wife has in the bank to make dreams happen. Curry said:

Slow news day today I see huh. Just make sure yall send me the video of you dancing at your own restaurant opening.

Clearly the Curry’s are not here for the truth, but the reality has spoken. Your wife cannot dance Mr Curry. It’s fine. There is always room for improvement. At least we all know what is going on the next time we see her “dancing.” We won’t make the mistake in dialing for emergency services believing she is having a medical emergency. We will know she is just dancing.

Ayesha, take notes of the Milly Rock dance and dancing below with rhythm:

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