Loni Love Reveals What It’s Like In Being With A White Man


A black woman getting with a white man is a whole other experience. The communication, family gathering, holidays, and the biggie…SEX. It’s all different. The most intriguing thing about being with a white man is the sex for most black woman.

Some don’t even want to go there with a white man, and some…oh, well…they just want to know the details. The ladies on Angela Yee’s Lip Service were intrigued in how Loni Love get it in with her white boyfriend.

Loni went into that she likes erotic massages, and she says that last about 10 minutes. Something that most black men are not into. Sure they will give you that massage, but the fast mission is getting to that cookie as soon as possible. Black men are not going to give us no 10 minute massages. Angel asked Loni:

The first time you guys had sex, was it really good. Cause you know the first time can be awkward.

Loni responds in saying:

No, it was good. But, you gotta understand were older. I’m 48. He’s 52. So, it’s like you have already been through everything. When you get older…when you get in them 40’s that sex is just… you know what you want. You can tell the person how to hit it. I just feel like you appreciate it more.

Listen below as they ladies touch on some topics that would never get touched anywhere else….

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