Madonna’s Face Change Stirs Many Questions

Madonna's face looking like she had recent plastic surgery

Madonna’s face is enough to scare the hell out of you in the middle of the night. We don’t get what Madonna is doing at 60 years old. She is looking scary as hell. It’s sad. Madonna showing off her hair do gets over-ridden by her new face. The fascination in Hollywood to look young has gone over the top. We are guessing that if we were to ask Madonna’s face Madonna what she did to her face that we would get the answer of nothing.

Madonna is not the only celebrity experimenting with her face to look younger. Many celebrities engage in plastic surgeries, Botox and other forms medical procedures to look younger. Hollywood is as young as ever. Evolved celebrities are in fear of the public losing interest in them, so they many of them undergo procedures to look younger. However, they refuse to understand that they cannot fight nature.

Now, we don’t know if Madonna has gone through plastic surgery, Botox or some new revolutionary measure to appear young- but to use it looks as though she has definitely done something to her face. We don’t know if celebrities will ever understand that playing with the natural path of evolution can destroy their natural beauty. Just ask Lil Kim. Lil Kim has reportedly gone under the knife. Kim’s reported plastic surgeries has made her unrecognizable. Kim is not as cute and desirable as she once was.

Lil Kim's comparison before and after photo since plastic surgery

Clearly, Lil Kim has done something to her skin color over the years as well to make it lighter. Thoughts ?