Marlon Wayans Sits Down With The Breakfast Club; Talks About Body Being Soar From Working Too Much

Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans is the definition of drive to success in life if you are trying to attain this, and example of how to maintain success. Marlon as rich as he is already is working so hard as if he is trying gain success. The comedian has been working so hard that he touched on the soar his body has gone through like an athlete. All this from working like crazy doing stand-ups.

The comedian also went into the infidelity that broke his relationship while putting a twist of humor on the entire situation. Surprisingly, Marlon says as he provided “excuse” to his wife for his cheating injecting humor into his actions made his wife life. The two former couple are now best friends never having to go to court to settle the financial differences and properties. See the full interview below…