McDonald’s Wants You To Lose Their Fast Food Weight While You Eat

McDOnalds exercise bike riding while eating

It’s long believed that avid eaters of McDonalds pack on crazy weight from consistently consuming the fast food. Looks like McDonald’s is taking that negative, long lived belief to heart with a battle with offering a active fight against their believed weight gaining menus by offering an exercise bike to work out on while you eat.

Sounds crazy but this is true. In one of their locations in China, McDonald’s patrons can be seen eating and putting in effort on that exercise bike to bash calories from sticking to them from the fast food. It’s difficult to know crack a laugh, and be in disbelief that this is really happening. Check out the video below of the Chinese woman eating while staying dedicated to putting some workout on the exercise bike.

No word on if these exercise bikes are being implemented in the Western world, but if I had to guess I would think not. The backlash in assumptions running wild in regards to feeling offended. I can see it now.

The thought that McDonald’s installed these exercise bikes in their venues is them telling us we are fight, and we will not stand for this. We demand McDonald’s take out these exercise bikes from the their¬†restaurants. These bikes maybe more acceptable in China- but I personally don’t think it would go over well to the public in the Unites States.