Meagan Good Says Her Bleached Face Was Not Intentional; Says She Is Embarrassed

Meagan Good

For a black person to bleach their skin is to say that another skin tone than their God-given one is more beautiful. It is to say if you are a religious person that you are not happy with the creator’s choice of build-up in what he has created of you into this world. Actress Meagan Good(38 years old) who is married to a pastor felt the wrath of social media months back for bleaching her skin.

Meagan says she didn’t. Social media calls her a liar. Meagan who is a black woman originally with a softer tone in the color began popping up in photos looking like Vybz Kartel(who confessed to bleaching his skin). Meagan’s reasoning for her skin going five shades darker was an accident. She says she trusted a doctor who advised her to get rid of some dark spots, but an application used to do such work on her face took over her entire face making her look like a ghost.

In a recent interview, Meagan reveals that her face changed to five shades darker after placing trust in a esthetician was her

“I went to an unlicensed esthetician who convinced me that I needed to get rid of some sun damage. And a few months later, I am like five shades lighter than I actually am and it was a really traumatic experience because I really trusted the person.”

Meagan in an apparent shock over the drastic change of her face asked her esthetician:

I kept asking her through the process, like ‘Is this what’s supposed to happen?’ She’s like, ‘Oh it’ll lift and it’ll come back.’ I got to the place of realizing I don’t know if it’s going to come back, I think I’ve been bamboozled.

We all get those sun damage, but we allow mother nature take care of those over time. And, often from sun damage it is over a short period of time. It’s amazing that Meagan looked great to us, but she saw such flaw in her skin to go get treatment that has her looking almost unrecognizable.


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