NHL Player P.K. Subbban Tries On His Girlfriend’s Bikini For Us All To See

Wow, is right! NHL player P.K. Subban put on his girlfriend’s bikini as some humor for the 4 of July holiday. Lindsey Vonn, the former girlfriend of Tiger Woods, and now the current girlfriend of Subban captioned the photo of the NHL player and herself side by side saying:

Who wore it better year 2!” Vonn captioned the two photos, the first of herself in the bikini and the second of Subban. This is getting out of hand 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ I love my crazy @subbanator ❤️ #happy4thofjuly

White people jokes with the black person entwined into the world oddness. However, Subban is one of the nicest athlete out there, and these types of jokes from him are always expected.