Niecy Nash And Her Wife Celebrates 1 Month Anniversary: Why?


We have heard of people celebrating their one year union of being together, but one month is something else. Niecy Nash makes it easy for someone looking from the outside to pass comments that her first gay marriage is displaying its roots of struggle. It is uncommon for a couple to announce that they have made it to 30 days of marriage.

This is just what Nash did. Guess what today is Nash(50 years old) ask her wife, Jessica Betts(48 years old) in video posted to Instagram. Nash looking her age with a whole lot of make-up happily said 30 days married. Nash confessed that there is doubt from some of her marriage lasting. The actress then glides close to her wife hugging her while engaging in some air kisses

Niecy Nash and girlfriend

And in case you didn’t hear her correctly on how many days she has been married to her wife…Nash posted the written details on her page to remind you all. FYI, the few days of any relationship is beautiful and easy. It is the long road ahead which displays whether a union is compatible, and strong. Nash seem to have forgot this despite being married numerous times before. Guess she is right now high off that dopamine.

Niecy Nash 30 day anniversary