Pharrell Williams Reveals Snitching For Him Is A Green Light In Saving Himself


47 years old music beat maker and singer Pharrell Williams is making it clear that he is not following no code which says no snitching. A rapper who snitches essentially is placing a nail in their career. It’s a say nothing policy to handing over details to authorities which can land a suspect in jail.

Pharrell who have made hit beats for rappers, and is cemented in the urban music industry clearly doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his willingness to snitch to save himself(or not). In a recent episode of Drink Champs, Pharrell said this of the unwritten rule of no snitching:

“Literally, I’m not a tough guy, I’m staying my ass inside and the f–king FBI is on speed dial, bro. I’m not a f–king tough guy,” says Pharrell to the hosts of the show. You people say things about snitching… I’m f–king snitching! Don’t talk to me about all that! Everybody plays their part, this is a movie, you guys, everybody plays their part. I am snitching! Don’t do nothing around me, I’m not built for the jail life. I am snitching! The f–k you mean? You can’t get mad at me. I have a purpose, I have to be me, I have to do my job, and I have to play my part in this movie.

And my part is, ‘I told you not to do that sh*t, I told you I wasn’t built for this, I’m really sorry but this is your deal. Your honor, jury, are you guys listening? I asked if he was gonna do it, don’t f–king tell me.’ Everybody’s not f–king tough. You’re not gonna go do 25 years in a condition that you know you are not built for because you wanna look tough. I am not f–king tough. You know what I wanna look like? F–king free and happy, living my life.”

Gotta give it to the guy. At least he is honest and you know what you are dealing with.

I wonder how many rappers right now are digging into their memory banks of any illegal activities they may have revealed to Pharrell that could land them jail.

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